Zhoujia Mansion teaches you how to choose solid wood furniture

Solid wood furniture is natural, environmentally friendly and healthy, revealing the beauty of nature and originality. Both natural and chemical pollution have become the psychological needs of modern urban people to admire nature. So how do you buy solid wood furniture? The following Zhou Jia Mansion introduces you to several techniques for purchasing solid wood furniture.


Pay attention to the following points when choosing solid wood furniture:

1. Look at the types of trees: the difference in tree species directly affects the quality and price of furniture. From the cheapest pine and eucalyptus to expensive mahogany, the quality is different and the price is very different.

2. Observe the presence or absence of defects in wood: cracking, crusting, insect eyes, mildew are all major defects of solid wood. Pay close attention to the details when purchasing. If you find cracking, you can't buy it naturally. If there is a crusting on the front side, the same position on the back side also has this crusting. This crusting is basically a dead knot. If it takes a long time, it will fall off, so it is absolutely impossible to buy such a defect.

3. Look at the origin of solid wood: depending on the region and the natural environment, the quality of the growing trees is also different.

4. Look at the surface of the paint: Look carefully at the furniture where there is no paint to paint, the key points are the top and bottom of the cabinet door and the interior of the large cabinet. Touching the painted surface by hand, whether there are burrs, bubbles, etc., these are the key factors to distinguish the quality of the paint.

5. Look at the details of the drawer: The bottom of the drawer has a certain thickness, and the bottom of the drawer is connected by a slot instead of a nail.

6. Look at the connection: Good solid wood furniture is connected by means of gutters, etc., where the local load is relatively large, it is also reinforced with screws and protective blocks. If you see solid wood furniture, all of which are fixed by screws, then the furniture is not strong enough.

Full solid wood chair price:

There are also a lot of solid wood chairs, there are general chairs and lounge chairs that we usually use, as well as summer "single artifact" solid wood rocking chair. In the summer, when we were in the courtyard, we were lying on the all-wooden lounge chair and it was a comfortable one. And it is very common in our lives. The average chair price is very affordable, that is, four or five hundred sets! And the price of the chair with special functions is relatively higher, roughly one to two thousand dollars.

Overall analysis of the price of all solid wood furniture:

Now all solid wood furniture has slowly penetrated into the bits and pieces of our lives. All solid wood furniture plays an important role in our lives. Buy a full set of general solid wood furniture about five or six thousand yuan. And with the destruction of the current environment, and the rise in prices, the price of our all-solid wood furniture has also increased a lot. Their prices have roughly doubled, and the price of all solid wood furniture with better wood is even higher. It needs tens of thousands, and some even reach more than 100,000.

The above-mentioned rapid Zhoujia Mansion introduces the selection method of solid wood furniture, and hopes to help everyone.

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