Several common problems with GPS receiver antennas

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Several common problems with GPS receiver antennas
1.GPS can't be 100% positioned, let alone the indoor positioning ghost-GPS is not like mobile phone broadcast, you can receive signals anywhere, many things will affect gps reception, including sky star distribution status, building, viaduct, radio wave, leaves , Ge hot paper, etc., will affect too many things, in general, from the gps position up, you can see the area of ​​the sky, is the area where gps can receive the signal.
2. Do not use it once or twice, or a day or two, to decide whether the GPS is good or bad - because the sky satellite status is different every day, maybe the same place, the morning reception is full, but it is impossible to locate at night, it is possible, it is possible The positioning situation is not good for several days.
3. Comparing the quality of gps, it must be compared with the same place - many people buy gps, they will say that the one I used before is better, but this is not true, because the time and place are different, finally The result is much worse. It must be used for a long time, or at the same time, to feel the difference between the two GPSs.
4. GPS receiving strength table, is not enough as a GPS purchase reference - everyone buy gps, only look at the electronic map in the receiving form, may have been quite accurate in the past, but now gps, in order to let the receiving table It looks good, so there are fake signals, or simulated signals, etc. The receiving form is really beautiful, but it may not be positioned correctly or even displayed correctly.
5. There is no so-called indoor positioning gps - basically no signal in the room is no signal, real indoor positioning, from the start of cold start indoors, but the same positioning, is the real indoor positioning, but basically indoor positioning is also meaningful No, because I won't navigate at home.
6. Buy gps, you don't need to choose the brand as the purchase, but you can choose the chip to use internally - basically, do a lot of gps manufacturers, choose the manufacturer just to consider after-sales service, not the big factory reception will be the best, generally come Say the same chip gps, different manufacturers do, the effect will not be much different, so choose gps not choose the brand, you can choose gps receiver chip.
7. Do I have to use Bluetooth, CF gps, or gps mouse? - Generally speaking, this is a matter of opinion. If you use Bluetooth or cf, you must worry that gps or pda will be out of power at any time, and the cost is high. However, you can navigate anywhere, anytime, using gps mouse is an economical good reception, do not have to worry about power problems, but the trouble of the cable.
8. The positioning is not accurate, it is not necessarily the fault of GPS - basically the positioning error can be within 20 meters, it is considered a good gps, in addition, the GPS position is not very accurate on the road, the reason may be many, may be poor reception, resulting in The error may be that there is a problem with the map data, or it may be that the road is wide, so it seems that the GPS seems to be stable off the road. If you have used it for a long time, you will know whether it is a gps or a map.
9. Buy gps, the specification sheet is for reference only - gps specification, what positioning is done within a few seconds, what a few meters of error, sensitivity, etc., these are good-looking, to know, really, compare specifications Table is a waste of time.
10. Use GPS, no need to charge communication fees - although everyone knows, but some people always thought that they would charge another monthly fee.
11. When the store says that xxx gps is not good, don't believe it too - it may be that the store does not sell, or another kind of inventory is more, I recommend you buy another gps.
12. GPS can be placed inside the car - in addition to the external antenna, things like gps mouse, can be placed inside the car, because gps is waterproof, but long-term outside, it will inevitably hang At the time of the order, and getting on and off the car, it will be collected and taken out, but it will be taken away. It is recommended to carefully select the hot paper, or cut a hole in the hot paper, and stick it with other things. Not ugly.
13. If the GPS is newly purchased for the first time, or it is already in the cold start state, please go to the open space to fix the position outside the car - this will make the positioning speed faster, and there will be some strange phenomena. Directly in the cold start state, even if the signal is very strong, but it may not be able to locate the destination!! This is very important, after positioning, put it in the car, see if the car reception will compare Poor, the longer the single gps is used, the longer it will save the satellite data. If it is not used for a long time, such as one to two weeks, gps may return to the cold start state.
The above is for those who are new to satellite navigation. I hope that with these psychological preparations, I would not think that satellite navigation is not easy to use. Basically, as long as I can reach my destination, satellite navigation is a very useful thing for you. As for whether there is time-saving, whether the distance is relatively short, don't ask too much, basically to a strange place, as long as it can go to the place, maybe there will be some ridiculous planning in the distance. Take some roads, but over time, you will understand the characteristics of the current satellite navigation, it will not be so uncomfortable to use, of course, map manufacturers still have to work hard, but I hope everyone can give manufacturers appropriate encouragement, buy genuine is the best support .


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