Which kind of furniture wood is good?

Furniture refers to a class of appliances that are essential for human beings to maintain normal life, engage in production practices and carry out social activities. Furniture has also been developing and innovating in the footsteps of the times. Today, there are many kinds of products, different materials, complete varieties and different uses. What kind of furniture wood is good? It seems to be very common to make furniture with wood, and the solid wood furniture on the market is still very popular. In fact, not all wood is suitable for furniture. There are many types of solid wood furniture. Now, let's take a look at what wood is more suitable for furniture, and what kind of good introduction to furniture wood!


Which kind of furniture wood is good?

At present, there are tens of thousands of species on the earth. There are thousands of species in the country. Many woods can be used for furniture, which is durable and environmentally friendly. However, some woods are not very suitable for furniture, and are more suitable for crafts.

Which kind of furniture wood is good - solid wood

Solid wood is mainly divided into hardwood and softwood. Generally, hardwood furniture is more expensive, and softwood furniture should be more affordable. Hardwood furniture is relatively stable in wood, and the furniture made is also very durable. In hardwood furniture, it is more suitable for furniture, such as rosewood, huanghuali, chicken wing wood and rosewood. These are better furniture materials and furniture. The price on the market is also relatively high. They all belong to mahogany furniture.

Which kind of furniture wood is good - cork

Of course, the most liquidity in the market is still cork furniture. After all, cork furniture is relatively affordable, and most consumers are more acceptable. Cork furniture also has better materials, such as eucalyptus, nanmu, eucalyptus, etc. It can also be made into high-grade furniture. Pine, fir, ash, etc. are also good materials for furniture. Of course, these also have their own materials. The advantages and disadvantages of the limitations, the furniture will have its own advantages and disadvantages, it depends on how consumers balance.

Which kind of furniture wood is good - wood board

The wood board (commonly known as the large core board) is a plywood with a solid wood core, and its vertical direction (different from the core sheet) is inferior in bending strength, but the transverse bending strength is high. Most of the market is now solid, glued, double-sided sanding, five-layer blockboard, which is one of the most commonly used plates in decoration.

Which kind of furniture wood is good - particle board

Particleboard is a piece of buds, small-diameter wood, fast-growing wood, wood chips, etc., which are cut into certain specifications, dried, mixed with rubber, hardener, water repellent, etc., and pressed at a certain temperature and pressure. A wood-based panel is called a particle board because its section is similar to a honeycomb.

Adding certain materials such as “moisture-proof factor” or “moisture-proof agent” inside the particle board has become a moisture-proof particle board that people usually talk about. It is called a moisture-proof board. It has a certain moisture-proof effect because the particle board itself has certain moisture resistance and absorbs water. After the expansion coefficient is small, it is widely used in cabinets, bathroom cabinets and other environments, but in reality, it has become a tool for many inferior particleboard to cover more internal impurities. Adding green dyeing agent inside the particleboard has formed the green-based particleboard that is currently said in the market. Many manufacturers use it to mislead into a green board. There is no scientific basis. The particleboards of top brands at home and abroad are actually mostly colored substrates.

Which kind of furniture wood is good - fiberboard

When some merchants say that they are high-density sheet making cabinets, we may weigh the weight of the sheet per unit area according to the above density standard to see if the degree is high-density board or MDF board. The sale of high-density boards may affect the interests of some merchants, but from the perspective of honesty and business, it is not afraid of customers to verify that they are high-density boards.

Which kind of furniture wood is good - solid wood finger joint board

Solid wood finger joint plate, also known as integrated board, laminated material, finger joint material, that is, a piece of solid wood piece that has been processed by deep processing like a "finger head", because the wooden board uses a jagged interface, similar to two hands Fingers are crossed and docked, so they are called finger joints. Since the raw wood strips are cross-coupled, such a combined structure has a certain bonding force, and since the surface plate is not required to be adhered up and down, the glue used is extremely small.

Before we used the camphor wood fingerboard as the back panel of the cabinet, and even sold it as a selling point, but it did have some cracking and deformation in the later use, so we later canceled the incense. The use of eucalyptus as a back panel. Here, I would like to remind customers who want to use the fingerboard for cabinet furniture. They must carefully select the plates and negotiate with the producers about the possible cracking, deformation, etc., whether as a business or an individual. It’s all about saying that it’s not chaotic afterwards.

Which kind of furniture wood is good - particle board

The so-called solid wood particle board is actually a board produced by the particle board process, which is a kind of homogenized particle board. The scientific name of homogeneous particleboard is called oriented structure particle board. It is made of small diameter material, thinned wood, wood core, board skin, branch and other materials. It is processed by special equipment to grow 40mm, 70mm, width 5mm, 20mm, thickness 0.3mm, 0.7. The mater of mm is a kind of wood-based panel which is formed by hot pressing after drying, sizing and special equipment. Da Ya homogeneous particleboard will dry the razor through the advanced single-channel dryer. The expansion coefficient is small and the moisture resistance is very good. The razor is oriented layered, so its internal internal texture is uniform. Ordinary particleboard and powdered MDF have strong nail holding force, bending resistance and stability.

Which kind of furniture wood is good - multi-layer solid wood board

The multi-layer solid wood board is made of multi-layer plywood which is arranged in a crisscross pattern, and the surface is made of high-quality solid wood veneer or technical wood as a fabric, and is produced by several processes such as cold pressing, hot pressing, sanding and health. Due to the non-deformable characteristics of the multi-layer solid wood board and the good performance of adjusting the indoor temperature and humidity, the surface layer solid wood skin material has the texture and feel of natural and real wood, so the selectivity is stronger. Therefore, it is favored by consumers.

The multi-layer solid wood board has good structural stability and is not easily deformed. Due to the vertical and horizontal gluing, high temperature and high pressure, the deformation defects of the solid wood board are solved from the internal stress. In the production process, the self-made high-quality environmental protection glue is used to make the formaldehyde emission limit of the product meet the national standard requirements and be green and environmentally friendly.

Timber ranking for furniture

When it comes to the ranking of wood for furniture, in fact, these wood qualities are very good materials for solid wood furniture, each with its own advantages. Of course, the most durable ones are also considered to be several materials of mahogany furniture. Cork furniture materials may be in various shapes. Nothing is lost, but it may still look old after a long time, and hardwood furniture is more and more flavorful.

The above is a small series of related introductions about furniture wood, I hope to help friends who have this need! For more information, please continue to pay attention to our GO Jiaju.com.

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