What is the role of the driving recorder in driving recorders?

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Introduction The driving recorder is now available in the automotive supplies market. Many owners have already started using the driving recorder. However, some owners do not know enough about the driving recorder. Some owners even ask the driving recorder useful. In general, the driving recorder is very useful. Let me briefly introduce the usefulness of the driving recorder.
First, what is the driving recorder
The driving recorder can be said to be a black box used by the car. By launching the engine, the video recording function can be recorded immediately. Through the high-definition lens photography, the image and sound during the driving of the vehicle are completely recorded. When an accident occurs, evidence is immediately provided to protect the vehicle. The driver has his own rights.
Second, what is the role of the driving recorder?
Driving recorder supervising the driver
The driving recorder not only records the condition on the road, but also monitors the driver's every move. Some driving recorder manufacturers have also introduced a two-way driving recorder that can record the situation inside the car, ensuring the comprehensiveness of the recording.
Witness the sudden danger
Driving recorders have caught our attention in the moral quarrels of our society, but it has witnessed not only the authenticity of morality, but also the witness of road safety.
Is the driving recorder useful?
1. Maintaining the legitimate rights and interests of drivers, often on the road, how can we not scrape, for many people crossing the road and those who ride bicycles and motorcycles on the road, in case they have a scratch, very You may have to be blackmailed, and if you have a driving recorder, the driver can provide you with valid evidence. Many traffic accidents are caused by violations. After installing this product, the scene of 20 seconds before and after the accident can be clearly reproduced, completely eliminating the fraudulent behavior of the fake site.
2, the surveillance video recording and playback, the responsibility of the accident at a glance, the traffic police to deal with accidents quickly and accurately; can quickly evacuate the scene to restore traffic, but also retain the valid evidence at the time of the incident, to create a safe and smooth traffic environment.
3. If a driving recorder is installed on each vehicle, the driver does not dare to drive illegally, and the accident rate will be greatly reduced. The vehicle will be photographed by the driving recorder of other vehicles, and the traffic accident escape case will be greatly reduced. .
4. When the court hears road traffic accidents, it will be more accurate and evidence-based in terms of sentencing and compensation, and also provide evidence for insurance company claims.
5. When encountering a professional touch of porcelain and road robbery, the driving recorder will bring decisive evidence to the case: the scene of the accident and the appearance of the offender.
6, friends who like to travel by car, you can also use it to record the process of conquering difficult obstacles. While driving, while recording, while recording the time, speed, and location in the video, it is quite a "black box."
7, can be used at home for DV shooting life fun, or for home monitoring use. You can also do parking monitoring in peacetime.


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