What kind of board is good for custom wardrobe? The old carpenter said this board is the best, don't waste the money

The wardrobe has now become one of the indispensable furniture in the home environment. With the improvement of people's living standards, there are more and more wardrobe styles and more novel designs. The wardrobe has become a landscape even at home. However, in the face of so many kinds of wardrobes on the market, do you know which sheet to use?

1. Customized wardrobe material classification:

1. Density board

There are many MDFs for finished wardrobes in the market. When MDFs are used for customized wardrobes, the price is relatively low.

There are three types of MDF: high-density board, medium-density board, and low-density board. In the customization process, a large amount of glue is needed. If there is too much glue, it is of course not environmentally friendly, and it may become moldy in a few years. Moist and deformed.

Therefore, no matter how tight the financial situation at home is, it is not recommended to choose MDF to customize the wardrobe, which is a waste of money.

2. Particle board

Particle board is the most widely used board for customized wardrobes. Many people also call it solid wood particle board or particle board. There is not only one kind of this kind of board. There are domestic and imported ones. Of course, imported ones are expensive. Imports Some of them are Aigeban and Kronospan, which are all well-known.

The domestic particle board is generally E1 grade, and the imported one has reached F4 stars. Therefore, when customizing, it is recommended to use imported particle board for long-term consideration.

3. Multilayer solid wood

Multi-layer solid wood panels have better waterproof effect than particle board custom wardrobes. Therefore, it is recommended to use multilayer solid wood for custom cabinets. It is easier to deform when using wardrobes. As for environmental protection, custom wardrobes are made of glue, which is not very environmentally friendly. Higher brands are more durable. Although I felt distressed when I paid the money, I will never regret it later.

4. Paint-free board

Paint-free board is to soak paper with different colors or textures in melamine resin adhesive, and then dry to a certain degree of curing, and pave it on particleboard, moisture-proof board, medium density fiberboard, plywood, blockboard or other It is a decorative board made by hot pressing on solid wood board, so it is often called melamine board.

5. Solid wood

Customized solid wood wardrobes are several times more expensive than other boards, but different wood species have different prices, such as teak, Brazilian rosewood, red oak, etc., a reminder that some masters only use solid wood on the surface of the cabinet in order to save materials , The partitions inside may be made of MDF and other materials, so be careful not to be pitted.

In short, MDF and multi-layer solid wood are not recommended for customized wardrobes. As for solid wood particle boards and paint-free boards, they are determined according to their own economic conditions.

2. What matters should be paid attention to when customizing a wardrobe?

1. Design more drawers

When designing a wardrobe, you must put a few more drawers. Some people think that the drawer space is small and can't put many things. But the drawers store all kinds of small clothes, so that the wardrobe space can be more reasonable. Small objects such as socks, ties, underwear, etc. can be grouped into different drawers so that they can be easily accessed and used later. It won’t cause you to get up in the morning looking for socks and underwear.

2. The height of the clothes rail

When adjusting the height of the clothes rail, you must consider the height of your family. Generally, there are children and elderly people in the home. You can adjust the height of the clothes rail according to their height, so that everyone can hang and take clothes at will.

3. Reasonably allocate the five functional areas

There are usually five functional areas in a normal wardrobe: stacking area, storage area, long clothes area, short clothes area, and functional area. When designing, it must be allocated reasonably. If your parents have more clothes, you can put the long clothes area. The division is bigger. So we should make a reasonable design according to our own actual situation.

4. To choose a damping hinge

Damping hinges are the so-called hinges. We must pay attention to installing damping hinges on every door of the merchant. This can prevent the door and the cabinet from bumping, which will cause the sealing edge to become loose for a long time. If the family members are added to work at different working hours, the noise caused by the chamber pot will affect the rest of the other party. The better hinges on the market are Blum and Hettich, so you can ask businesses to use these brands when making custom wardrobes.

5. The wardrobe should reach the top

The designed wardrobe must be at the top, do not reserve space on it. It is particularly easy to accumulate dust if space is reserved for the wardrobe and ceiling. It is troublesome to clean up. Generally custom cabinets have closing strips. If you find it unsightly, you can walk a circle of plaster lines on the closing strips.

All in all, when customizing a wardrobe, we should learn to choose the right board. Only the right board can make the wardrobe more practical and durable.

Based on the field of whole-house home customization, it focuses on future home living habits, adheres to the concept of “user experience first”, explores ways of harmonious coexistence of people, space and objects, and increases space utilization by more than 30%. The private lifestyle of "one house, one storage"; scientific planning of storage space to meet family storage needs, one-stop comfortable living experience.

The whole house has been customized to implement stringent environmental standards in the industry to create a healthy home for you and your family. The whole house is customized with 18MM double-faced E0 grade board, European standard, formaldehyde emission ≤0.5mg/L, more environmentally friendly, so that you can use it and live at ease!

The custom-made board for the whole house is made of solid wood particle board, which has a small expansion coefficient and good moisture resistance. It has stronger nail holding power, bending resistance and stability than ordinary particleboard and powdered MDF. Solid wood particle board has good sound absorption and sound insulation performance, and the environmental protection coefficient is relatively high.

The hinge adopts the international hardware brand Blum. Blum's product quality and environmental protection merge, with high performance and lifetime quality of guaranteed furniture to stimulate customers' enthusiasm for use. The number of patents obtained by Blum Austria is among the best, and its products have won many design and innovation awards (international).

The drawer slide adopts Hettich created by the German Black Forest. The principle of Hettich steel ball linear bearing can ensure the smooth operation of Quadro slide rails, and provide convenient and reliable drawer opening and closing solutions for all kinds of furniture.

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