What problems can be caused by monitoring device connection errors?

[ Pacific Security Network News ] If the monitoring equipment is not properly connected, it will cause very serious errors. This article will give you a detailed introduction to the problems caused by the connection error of the monitoring equipment.
When the monitoring device is built, the connection between the monitoring devices (or components) is incorrect due to a little negligence, and the problems it generates will generally occur in the following aspects:
(1) The communication interface or communication method does not correspond. This situation mostly occurs between the control host and the device with communication control relationship such as the decoder or the control keyboard. That is to say, the selected control host and the decoder or the control keyboard are not caused by a manufacturer's product.
Solution: For the host, decoder, control keyboard, etc., the same manufacturer's products should be used.
(2) Impedance mismatch.
(3) The drive capacity is insufficient or exceeds the specified number of device connections. For example, if the alarm probe is connected to the alarm input of the picture splitter again, the alarm signal of the probe will both drive the alarm host and drive the picture splitter.
(1) The signal of the alarm probe is connected to the screen splitter or the video switching host through a dedicated alarm interface box.
(2) When there is no alarm interface box, you can design the processing signal expansion device or drive device by yourself.

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