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How to choose rolling bearing cooperation

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1. The condition of the bearing ring related to the load is related to the ferrule with the direction of the load being rotating or swaying; the interference cooperation or the transition cooperation should be selected. The ferrules fixed in the direction of the load should be selected for the cooperation of the gap. When supporting the activity; the ferrule with the fixed load direction should be used as the swimming ferrule; choose the gap cooperation or transition cooperation.
2, the type and size of the load when subjected to shock load or heavy load; usually should choose more strict cooperation than normal, light load. About the radial bearing load, the radial equivalent dynamic load PR and radial additional movement The ratio of load CR is distinguished; the greater the load, the greater the cooperation and the surplus. The load size PR/CR light load is less than or equal to 0. 07 The normal load is greater than 0. 07 ~ 0. 15 Heavy load is greater than 0. 15
3. The size of the bearing scale follows the increase of the bearing scale; the selected interference cooperation is more profitable; the gap between the gap cooperation is larger.
4, bearing clearance using interference cooperation will lead to the reduction of bearing clearance. Calcined 榘沧 笾岢 笾岢 挠 挠 挠 妒 妒 妒 妒 衤闶褂靡螅 ≡衽浜 ≡衽浜 ≡衽浜 ≡衽浜 岢 岢 岢 岢 岢 岢 岢 岢 岢 岢
5, the influence of other factors on the shaft and bearing housing data, strength and thermal conductivity, external and thermal conduction methods and heat in the bearing; support devices and adjustment functions, etc. affect the selection of cooperation.

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