How long will it take for a villa to be renovated?

The villa is not only larger than an ordinary house, but also has more decoration items than ordinary houses. Therefore, it is more time-consuming to decorate. So how long will it take for the villa to be renovated ? What is the process of villa renovation construction? Let's take a look with Xiao Bian!

How long will the villa be renovated?

1. How long does it take for a villa to be renovated ? First of all, the time for the renovation of the villa is not determined and will be affected by the size of the house. If the area of ​​the room is bigger, the time spent will be longer. However, as long as the decoration efficiency is reasonably improved, the period of the villa decoration can be shortened.

2. Secondly, the renovation period of villas is generally 3-6 months, and individual large projects may exceed 1 year. In addition, in the renovation of villas, in addition to basic types of work such as tile, wood, oil, water, electricity, there are civil works, equipment installation, and garden construction. If there is not enough staffing, the work is difficult to advance smoothly.

Villa decoration construction process:

1, select the auspicious day to start the main demolition reform

At home when you must choose a good day auspicious to carry out the main demolition reform, the main demolition reform is an important project of new home decoration, including the demolition of walls, walls, spade wall, demolition heating, change plastic windows and so on.

2, hydropower reform

Hydropower renovation is the most important one in home improvement. Before the renovation, it is necessary to determine the exact position of switches, lamps, basins, bathtubs and washing machines. At the same time, it is also necessary to measure the position of the cabinet so as to determine the power supply and waterway reconstruction plan.

3, guarantee

When choosing the material to be wrapped, it is best to use light steel keel or red brick, and no wooden keel can be used to prevent the wooden keel from being rotted and rotted. In addition, waterproofing and pulling must be done before tiling, and attention should be paid to the gaps in the tiling.

4, paint

Paint and putty is a technical activity and requires both texture and technique. For example: To put a wallpaper friend, after the wall paint brush is good, brush the lacquer lacquer in the wallpaper place, after the paint is dry, you can paste the wallpaper. In addition, when the kitchen outlet panel is installed, a socket with a switch function is installed so that it can be used later.

5, kitchen and toilet ceiling

In the kitchen ceiling construction, it is necessary to install the water heater and Yuba in an unsightly part, and then seal it after it is installed, so that it is more beautiful and beautiful. In addition, when installing cabinets, it is necessary to install with the hood, cooker, and sink.

The article concludes: How long will it take for the renovation of the villa and the knowledge of the villa decoration process to be introduced here? If you need to know more information, please continue to pay attention to this website. We will have more exciting content for you.

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