Strengthen the floor installation skills to strengthen the floor installation considerations

The floor we can't live without when we decorate the house, we all know the importance of the floor, so we are also very concerned about how to do it. Nowadays, many families choose laminate flooring when choosing the floor. So, do you know what the skills of laminate flooring installation are? Today, Xiaobian will take a look at the laminate flooring installation techniques and the precautions for strengthening the floor installation.


Improved floor installation skills

1, the bottom layer

After the floor is cleaned, first lay the moisture barrier, which will prevent the floor from getting wet. The moisture barrier should be flattened and the seams should be close together.

2, with glue

The glue for bonding the floor should be used for the laminate flooring, so the bonding effect will be better. Before the shop, everyone can see if the glue is used correctly.

3, cross paving

The next step is to lay the floor. When laying, you should lay a long piece on the side of a short one, so that the cross-laying floor will not be easy to loosen, and the floor will be tightened with tools.

4, æ’¬ fastening

After installing in a certain area, it is best to use a scrap board to fix the installed floor and use a tool to smash the floor completely.

5, select the pressure strip

The floor is paved and then the bead is installed. Generally, the floor is higher than the ground, and the high and low pressure strips are used. The floor is flat as the floor.

6, security layer

When installing the bead, be sure to bite the bead and the floor, and the screw should be tightened, otherwise the bead will be easily separated from the floor.


Strengthening floor installation precautions

1. The ground unevenness is less than 3 mm. If it exceeds, the concrete floor should be re-paved.

2. The construction floor is dry and does not return to the tide. There is no liquid water condensation. The new cement floor can be installed after at least three days. The wall is too wet to install the baseboard.

3. If there is a kicker in the past, the tile will be knocked out and repaired with cement. Walls, corners, and corners are required to be straight.

4. Do not rinse the floor with water before laying the floor for three days.

5. The water pipes and wires buried on the ground should not be higher than the ground, and customers are required to remind the construction personnel during installation.

6. When paving marble at the door, clean the cement in the floor and marble sandwich.

7. If you need to re-lay the cement and the time is tight, you can use the 9 PCT board to lay a layer again. When there are more potholes, use the keel to make the bottom. However, to make the deck secure on the original ground, there must be no looseness.

When we install the floor, we must clean the ground and then do it! The above is the intimate floor installation technique and the reinforcement floor installation precautions introduced by Xiaobian today. I want to know more information. Please continue to pay attention to the decoration home!

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