Roof insulation methods Which apply Roof insulation What material is good

The users who live on the top floor should be most afraid of hot summer days. The high temperatures in the summer can cause users on the top floor to live in the “fireplace.” If you do not take some insulation measures, I believe many people cannot tolerate such high temperatures. What are the methods of roof insulation ? What is suitable for use as a heat insulation material? Let's take a look at the knowledge that Xiao Bian has shared for everyone!

First, the roof insulation method which applies

1, laying insulation

The roof with thermal insulation can effectively prevent the strong radiation of the summer sun. The materials used for laying the thermal insulation layer are commonly used as insulating bricks, thermal insulation paint on the top, and reflective tin foil, etc. The method should be to lay 15 cm thick soil on the top floor, which can also play a role in insulation.

2, build awnings

The construction of the awning is to put a shade net at the top of the floor and build a awning. The advantage of using this method is that you can move freely on the roof, and you can have a cup of tea on the top of the sky when the weather is good, but you can build a awning. Affect the lighting it wants to.

3, roof planting:

Planting some vegetables and fruits on the roof is also a kind of roof insulation method. You can plant soil directly or you can use foam boxes to plant some simple shelves to plant some climbing vines or vegetables. Can better play the effect of insulation.

4, water insulation:

In the case of floor load-bearing capacity, a swimming pool can be built on the top floor. If the conditions do not allow it, some water can be poured into the top floor, which can also provide insulation. If you do not do this, you must do a good job of waterproofing the roof. jobs.

Second, the roof insulation with what material is good

1. The method of using the roof insulation method on the roof of the building is the heating of the outer layer. In fact, it can also be insulated in the room. The indoor insulation can be a ceiling. When the ceiling is suspended, heat insulation board or insulation wool is added. This will not only maintain the effect of ventilation, but also have the effect of thermal insulation.

2. There are generally three kinds of roof insulation materials, namely, thermal reflective materials, porous materials, and vacuum materials. The principle of heat-reflecting materials is to reflect heat away and the reflection index is relatively high. Porous materials have many pores and use pores for thermal insulation. The vacuum material is a vacuum barrier convection inside the material, and in this way, it has the effect of heat insulation.

Summary: The small and medium edition of the article has introduced four roof insulation methods for everyone, and everyone can learn it. The choice of insulation material also depends on the location, and the insulation used in different locations may have different effects. For more information on what is suitable for roof insulation methods and what materials are suitable for roof insulation, refer to the following.

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