What are the decoration of the living room in 2017? Living room decoration case appreciation

Everyone has finished in 2017, and the next big year is the annual inventory. There are always a lot of things to say about the decoration and small series. Today we will take stock of the contents of the 2017 living room decoration. In the living room, the decoration is mainly to look at the laying of the ground floor, the construction of the TV background wall, and at most a bar at the junction with the restaurant. Then everyone will follow the Xiaobian together to see the exciting content of the 2017 living room decoration .


The most important thing in the living room is practicality and beauty. Too much decoration can be counterproductive. With a simple combination sofa, you can spend more time shopping for a sofa and a table. The simple combination sofa becomes the highlight of the living room and does not appear monotonous.

The most suitable arch decoration, blue sofa + window frame, injects an active atmosphere into the space, showing the Mediterranean style to the fullest, highlighting the owner is a pursuit of comfort and natural life style, especially the tatami Bay window design, become The highlight of the entire room.

With an open design approach, we have reserved more space for our activities and achieved the best visual results. Especially the unique hanging paintings on the walls make the space rich in layers and fully functional, and will not appear to be stretched.

This is an art-filled living room decoration, whether from a photo wall, a pillow, or a chandelier, omnipresent to showcase the owner's artistic taste. For those who love art, you may wish to refer to it.


As shown in the figure, the wall is mainly gray, which is beneficial to enhance the lighting of the living room. The perfect combination of pink and white gives the space a light atmosphere. The pink frame on the background wall constitutes the visual focus, and the coffee table of the same color is chosen to embellish, and the space naturally becomes warm and elegant.

The feeling is simple and fashionable, and the three elements of black and white and gray are a good home for a warm and happy home. The TV wall on the TV wall of the living room is bright and beautiful, easy to clean, and the ceiling above the top. Perfect match with square coffee table, very nice.

The simple living room, there are not too many decorative elements, just using simple white, no wallpaper on the TV background wall, just a lot of white wooden materials, it seems harmonious and elegant, this simple living room decoration is also very Good!

How about, I read the wonderful introduction to the 2017 living room decoration. Have you learned a lot about the 2017 living room decoration? I hope that you can learn more about home improvement knowledge through this article, and you will be able to create a more perfect home environment. Thank you for reading this article and your support and love for Xiaobian. If you want to get more information about home improvement, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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