How large is the size of the floor drain?

Although the floor drain is inconspicuous, it can be said that every household can't miss it during the renovation. To know the floor drain it is also an important part of the drainage system in the home, so its performance is directly affected by the quality of indoor air. Here's a small series to tell everyone about the size of the drain and how good the floor drain material.

How large is the size of the drain?

1. The size of the deodorant floor drain is mainly the diameter of 3 inches and 4 inches, and there are other sizes, from small to large, with many sizes. In the end, it is based on the shape of deodorant drains. For example, its shape is square, round, rectangular, and so on. The square deodorant drain size for home use is from 90mm*90mm to 150mm*150mm. The material is generally There are brass, white copper, bronze, stainless steel, plastic, alloy, cast iron and so on.

2. The size of common water pipes used in the home, GB 50, but now some developers also use 40 tubes, the project commonly used caliber 75*100.

3, the size of the floor drain panel is generally 10 cm, the normal diameter of the outlet is 5 cm, most of the changes are commonly used 4 cm home square 250px*250px, 300px*300px.

Floor drain what material is good

1, stainless steel floor drain

Stainless steel floor drain is relatively popular in the market because of the stainless steel floor drain is usually more beautiful, giving people looks more graded, due to the use of stainless steel, relatively speaking, it is also relatively durable, and The price varies according to the specific material and thickness. To know that the common stainless steel floor drain on the market is 202 stainless steel floor drain, 304 stainless steel floor drain and 306 stainless steel floor drain. Generally, this 202 stainless steel floor drain has poor corrosion resistance, so the price is relatively cheaper, and 304 and 306 stainless steel floor drain Corrosion resistance is better and the price will be slightly higher.

2, cast iron floor drain

There are many old houses in China that use cast-iron floor drains. Because cast-iron floor drains are relatively inexpensive in terms of prices, they were very popular in our country in the early days. However, "a penny, a goods." At the same time cheap, cast iron floor drain its shortcomings are indispensable, easy to rust, easy to stick dirty, not only beautiful, but also is not conducive to the installation and transportation, so the cast iron floor drain can now Said to have been eliminated in the market.

3, cast aluminum floor drain

Cast aluminum floor drain is also one of the more common floor drain materials on the market. Its advantages are light weight and low price, but its disadvantages are also very obvious. Usually, the working of cast aluminum floor drain is relatively rough, especially the surface technology, so that the appearance of the product Not significant grades, unattractive, and because of the cast aluminum used in the material, it is also not as durable in service life.

Summary: What is the appropriate size of the floor drain and what is the material for the floor drain? The related content is introduced here. The drain size must be determined according to your drainage requirements. This is a good time to purchase in advance, so that when the master helps you to install it, Better arrangements.

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