What are the top ten brands of home textiles?

Home textiles are closely related to our daily lives. If you buy them improperly, buying fake and inferior products will threaten the health of our family members. Therefore, when people buy home textile products, they often choose a well-known home textile brand, so today Xiaobian will come to you. Introduce the top ten brands of home textiles for your reference.


Top ten brands of home textiles - Fu Anna

Fuanna Home Textiles is one of the top 500 Chinese brands and has been rated as one of the most influential brands in the home textile industry. After more than ten years of development, Fu Anna has developed thousands of patterns, has various patents and hundreds of copyrights. .

Top ten brands of home textiles - Luolai

Luolai Home Textile has eight advanced import production lines, including bed cover kit, European single piece, quilt, mattress, health care products, kitchen and toilet products, home furnishings, children's products, hotel textiles, more than 500 varieties of ten series. Shanghai Luolai Home Textile Co., Ltd., top ten brands of bedding, top ten brands of home textiles, top ten brands of silk, top 500 most valuable brands in China, best satisfied brands in the country, well-known brands in the industry, highly influential enterprises, most in China A potential home textile company.

Ten brands of home textiles - Meng Jie home textiles

Mengjie is regarded as one of the three giants in the home textile industry. It is currently the third home textile brand in the home textile industry after Rollei and Fuanna. There are more than 800 specialty stores and more than 800 counters in the country, and the market share is very high. We have always practiced high standards of quality control, with exquisite craftsmanship, excellent quality and original design, to create the most comfortable home experience for our customers, and to create “Dream Jie”, “寐”, “梦洁宝贝”, “梦The six brands of “clean mattress”, “觅” and “plain aesthetics” are unique in the market with a rich product style and unique brand positioning.

Top ten brands of home textiles - Vosges Home Textiles

The top ten brands of Vosges Home Textiles, from the weaving, dyeing, printing and finishing packaging process, Vosges is very careful, not only high quality, durable, but also environmentally friendly, Vosges Home Textiles are also very good The performance of Vosges has passed various environmental certifications and is a safe and healthy series of products. Vosges Group Co., Ltd., Top Ten Brands of Home Textiles, Top Ten Towel Brands, Top Ten Brands of Bedding, China Famous Brand, Shandong Famous Brand, China Export Famous Brand, Brand Product Market Leading Market Share, Shandong High-tech Enterprise, National Private The top 500 enterprises, listed companies on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, a diversified enterprise group integrating traditional industries such as home textiles and photovoltaic cells and high-tech industries.

Top ten brands of home textiles - Mercury home textiles

Star Home Textiles is a large-scale well-known enterprise specializing in home textiles in China. It integrates R&D, design, production and sales. It has been dedicated to the research of the home textile industry for many years and is one of the founders and leaders of the Chinese textile industry. Shanghai Mercury Home Textile Co., Ltd., home textile-bedding top ten brands, wool quilt-silk is top ten brands, the company adopts the franchise marketing mode with chain monopoly as the main sales method, and the marketing outlets are spread all over the country and are now all over the country. Has more than 2,000 specialty stores, shopping malls counters.

Top ten brands of home textiles - Violet Home Textiles

Violet Home Textiles still has a very rich product range, with a wide range of products and strong selectivity. Years of development have given Violet a strong market competitiveness. Today, the Violet with its top ten product lines has been cited as a model and competition by peers. opponent.

Top ten brands of home textiles - Hengyuan detailed home textiles

Hengyuanxiang is one of the most prestigious brand enterprises in the country. Among all the enterprises in the home textile industry, Hengyuanxiang is the industry leader, and its huge sales network covers most parts of the country.

Top ten brands of home textiles - Menglan Home Textiles

Menglan Home Textile is a famous export brand and one of the most influential brands in the home textile industry. Menglan is the first brand in China to create the “China Famous Brand” and “China Famous Brand”.

Top ten brands of home textiles - Yalan Home Textiles

Yalan began in Hong Kong in 1966 and is a well-known trademark in China. Hong Kong's famous brand, Yalan's bedding is recognized as a representative of quality products on the market. Its printing, fabrics, environmental protection and other aspects have met the eligibility criteria. The products are durable and the products are very popular and are recognized as well-known brands on the market.

Top ten brands of home textiles - Kaisheng Home Textiles

Kaisheng is an influential brand in the industry. After years of development, Kaisheng has nine series of products and thousands of varieties, which has become one of the fastest growing enterprises in China's textile industry.

The above is the top ten brands of home textiles introduced by Xiaobian, and I hope to bring help to everyone's purchase.

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