How to choose a toilet partition

In addition to the bedroom, the bathroom is the most intimate space for people to live in, and is one of the more frequently used areas. The toilet partitions give people the feeling that they can not only make the space layout more standardized, but also effectively divide the dry and wet areas of the bathroom, which is very popular among people. How to choose the sanitary partitions ? Let's take a look today!


Toilet partition door selection:

1. Choose a regular product. When purchasing a partition door, you must see if it is marked with a commodity certificate.

2, identify the material, the partition door is mostly tempered glass, the quality of tempered glass is quite different. Good tempered glass looks carefully with a faint pattern. The skeleton of the shower room is made of aluminum alloy, and the surface is spray-treated, not rotted or rusted. The thickness of the main skeleton aluminum alloy is preferably 1.1 mm or more, so that the door is not easily deformed. At the same time, pay attention to check whether the ball bearing is flexible, whether the door is easy to use and light, and whether the frame combination uses stainless steel screws.

3, for all kinds of accessories to be checked, whether it is tempered glass doors, or other materials of the partition door, accessories are one of the elements that have a relatively important impact on the length of life, because we also compare the frequency of activities in the bathroom High, so the wear of the partition door will be relatively large, high-quality accessories can help us reduce wear and extend the service life of the sanitary interval.

4, from the aesthetic appearance of the choice of sanitary partitions, the bathroom is a relatively narrow space, we can choose a more decorative partition door, so that it can absorb some of the space is not suitable for small.

5, the color pattern of the partition door should be consistent with the bathroom decoration style. For example, many consumers like the appearance of translucent partition doors, which are highly decorative and give people a beautiful enjoyment. But there are also some more traditional people who choose opaque cloth partitions so that others can use the bathroom while taking a bath.

Hygiene interval door attention:

The installation of the floor drain, the bathroom water flow is relatively large, it is easy to accumulate water, such as bathing, some families and the water of the washing machine, only the installation of the floor drain can ensure the normal discharge of water.

It is forbidden to install a groove-shaped glideslope, and it is easy to accumulate water and dirty things in the bathroom setting, and it is difficult to clean and unsightly due to space and other reasons.

About the toilet partition door, I will introduce it here, I hope to help you, more decoration information, all in GO, so stay tuned.

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