Baichuan furniture teaches lazy housewives to easily get the secrets of housework

No one likes to do housework, but wants to maintain a comfortable living environment, cleaning or what can't run away! However, smart housewives are definitely not doing housework all day or never doing housework, but there are ways to have I am lazy to do housework. Today, Baichuan Furniture will take you to arrange housework.

The first step: throw away bad habits!


In fact, housework is also a kind of practice for men and women. It is difficult for people who resist housework to really relax in life. At the beginning of practice, we must first throw away all bad habits and correct the understanding of housework.

Streamline your tools: don't use them often

In many families, there are several mops and brooms. Different spaces use different tools, wet and dry, and use different tools. They also buy vacuum cleaners, but they are not used once in three or two months. Stacking a bunch of housework tools for your loved one, it’s cumbersome and troublesome. It’s numb before you start cleaning it! A tool with similar functions is enough. If you don’t use it, you don’t have to buy it. It is recommended to buy something. Multi-purpose tools.

In fact, life comfort is such a thing, Xiao Bian feels that it is mainly a clean feeling, so the housekeeping area should be hidden independently. For example, it is good to build a housekeeping area on the balcony, get a sundries cabinet, and then put the washing products on the shelf. The horizontal side of the mop, the other side of the sink, the mop pool, leaning on the corner of the entire balcony, plus a curtain or blinds to cover up, and the viewing area does not affect each other, watching is very refreshing.

Step 2: Put the cleaning artifact on!


A person with life wisdom is good at "borrowing power". By relying on special and practical cleaning tools, we can do housework with ease and efficiency and quality. If you are still using traditional cloth to drag something, then you Just out! Let’s take a look at what clean artifacts are used by god-level lazy housewives:

Basic decontamination microfiber towel

A small piece of rag is also very knowledgeable. Some people who have a good family and have a good time often like to use old towels and old cotton trousers as rags. In fact, this kind of cloth is hard and hard, easy to dirty and hard to dry, and has a shrewd housewife. Recruitment - use ultra-fine fiber towels, ordinary supermarkets can buy three bags of products in a dozen pieces, it has a strong adsorption capacity, and easy to clean, suitable for cleaning most of the materials, cheap and easy to use, home A good one!

Intelligent vacuum cleaner can be used more

Why is the vacuum cleaner still out of the historical stage in the days when various smart cleaning appliances have come out? The versatility and low-priced nature make it popular, and many vacuum cleaners not only remove dust effectively, but also eliminate mites and mites. The vacuum cleaner can also help the compression bag to vacuum, find small items lost in the home, and facilitate the use of a multi-purpose, smart woman is essential in daily home!

Window cleaning robot to get the glass window

The window is also the most influential place in the home. Every time you climb up and down, you don't have to worry about it. You have to use a newspaper to wipe it off. You can effectively avoid this trouble by buying a window cleaning robot. Especially for high-rise residents, this is more suitable for use. The window-cleaning robot can closely contact the glass surface, intelligently calculate the glass environment, and quickly complete the window wiping work.

The third step: open the brain hole of Tuen Mun!


It is useless to do housework, and it is useless to compare physical strength and hard work. It is not useful to accidentally turn around and become a dog. There are planned and skillful routes and sequences that can greatly reduce your labor time. .

Spatial order

From top to bottom, from inside to outside. In space, the order should be from top to bottom, first clean the ceiling, then wipe the air conditioner and window, then the cabinet, and finally the mopping, so as not to wipe the floor, the dust of the ceiling is dirty, and the cabinet is also noticed. Wiping and cleaning of the room are from inside to outside, the innermost area begins to work, and then cleans the door near the door.

Difficulty level

The most difficult place to clean is the kitchen. The kitchen is the hardest hit area of ​​the fumes. As long as the kitchen is cleaned, the rest is not difficult. Next is the bedroom and living room, and finally the bathroom, because the cleaning process has to enter and exit the bathroom multiple times, it is wise to leave it for cleaning.

Cleaning focus is different

The kitchen focuses on degreasing. It is recommended to remove the oil with a soft scouring pad or a nylon ball with no abrasive particles and a neutral detergent. Oil-contaminated tiles can be sprayed with a paper towel first, then all the oil will float and then peel off the paper, then wipe with a clean rag and water; the focus of the guest cleaning is to wipe the dust and stains, the curtain should be cleaned before cleaning. Especially the material of the flannel surface is easier to dust. The cleaning focus of the bathroom is decontamination and deodorization. Pay special attention to the places where the corners and the deep walls are not noticed and bacteria are easy to breed.

Hard work is undoubtedly a virtue, but Xiao Jiaju believes that lazy, sometimes one of the driving forces of human progress, is a unique human creativity, in order to be lazy, let us mobilize the wisdom of life!

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