Humanized design: night riding jacket and LED combination [Full text]

Scientific and technological developments for the love of friends who ride at night in the night breeze shuttle in the streets of the city is a very comfortable thing, but riding at night because there are many dangers, should be most troubling It is the lack of light that makes it very dangerous to walk through the streets. Recently there was a smart jacket from Vodafone in the Netherlands that might really make this risk smaller because it would "talk" to this jacket, and it could also tell the rear driver about the direction the rider is going to, also making it busy. The street has a more human touch.

Smart Jacket that "talks" makes it safer to ride at night

The back of the smart jacket is equipped with an LED display that can be connected to a mobile phone. After the cyclist has set up the navigation function on the mobile phone, the smart jacket starts to navigate the cyclist and gives the rear driver a reminder. The red direction indicates that the LED light is clear and bright, telling the location of the driver's ride on the road and the direction of riding.

At the sleeve of the jacket, there is also a small directional LED that the rider can see with a slight bow. It is compatible with mobile navigation software. The rider does not need to add a support for the mobile phone, so that the mobile phone can be safely placed in the pocket, but also take into account the navigation function.

The smart jacket is also quite human. After the cyclist turns, he can use the LED light matrix on the back to express his gratitude to the driver of the car. A simple smile and a thank you make the night streets look warm.

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