What should I pay attention to when installing the ceiling lamp?

The lamp body of the ceiling lamp is directly installed on the roof and is suitable for overall lighting. It is usually used in bedrooms, restaurants and living rooms. But how to install the ceiling lamp ? What should you pay attention to when installing the ceiling lamp ? The following small series will give you a detailed introduction.


First, choose a location

The first thing to do to install a ceiling light is to determine where the ceiling light is installed. For example, the ceiling lamps in the living room, dining room, and kitchen are preferably installed in the middle, so that the light at each position is relatively average. In the bedroom, considering the effect of mosquito nets and light on sleep, the ceiling light should not be installed above the bed. In addition, the ceiling lamp needs to select a wall or ceiling that can withstand the weight of the ceiling lamp, such as a masonry structure, and try not to select a wooden wall surface, so as to avoid the risk of falling for a long time.

Second, choose the size

The size of the ceiling lamp is determined by the lighting area. It should be noted that you can't use a small ceiling light, it will look like the ceiling is empty, and you can't oversize the ceiling light. Generally, the bedroom area is 10 square meters or less, and the ceiling lamp with a diameter of 45 cm or less is selected; for the 10-20 square meter bedroom, the ceiling lamp with a diameter of about 60 cm is selected; for the bedroom size of 20-30 square meters, the diameter of the ceiling lamp should be selected. At around 80cm.

Third, the demolition ceiling lamp mask

Remove the ceiling lamp mask. Under normal circumstances, the ceiling lamp mask has two fixed ways of rotation and snapping. When disassembling, pay attention to avoid damage to the ceiling lamp. After removing the mask, the lamp will be replaced by the way. Remove to prevent the lamp from being broken during installation.

Fourth, the installation base

Place the base in the predetermined installation position, mark the wall with a pencil, then take the base, drill with the electric drill at the marked position, and then install the expansion bolt for the fixed base in the hole, pay attention to the diameter of the hole and the depth of the bolt and the bolt The specifications match. Then put the base back to the predetermined position and fix it.

Five, connecting wires

After fixing the base, you can connect the power cable to the terminal block of the ceiling lamp. It should be noted that the two wires connected to the power cable of the ceiling lamp should have good electrical contact, and should be wrapped with black rubber separately. Keep a certain distance, if possible, do not put the two wire heads under the same piece of metal to avoid short circuit, which is dangerous.

Six, the installation of masks, ornaments

After connecting the wires, you can try to power on. If everything is normal, you can turn off the power supply and install the mask of the ceiling lamp. The living room ceiling lamp also needs to be equipped with a series of charms, because each ceiling lamp pendant is different, so the specific installation method can refer to the product manual. The charms will generally remain, can be stored after installation, and can be replaced when needed later.

As the heat of home decoration continues to heat up, the changes in ceiling lamps are also changing with each passing day. They are no longer confined to the previous single lamps, but are diversified. They not only absorb the luxury and style of chandeliers, but also adopt the ceiling-mounted installation method. It avoids the shortcomings of a small room that cannot accommodate large luxury lighting.

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