Clothing size and price reference

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The two questions in this article are for everyone to explain, the size of a clothes sterilizer, the price of the second clothes sterilizer.
Clothing disinfection cabinet size
The size of the clothes sterilizer is generally: panel size: length × width × height = 600mm × 485mm × 610mm opening size: length × width × height = 560mm × 465mm × 585mm
Clothing disinfection cabinet price
Product 1, Kangbao (Canbo) ZTP10A-1 small clothing disinfection cabinet Reference price: ¥ 699 product 2, Sheng (Yhento) YTP380-C2 dry towel disinfection cabinet Reference price: ¥ 738 product 3, BEER Bell ozone ultraviolet disinfection cabinet Reference price: ¥1799 product 4, style FSD2-380 clothing disinfection cabinet reference price: ¥ 1480 product 5, Canbo / Kangbao ZTP60B-2 underwear disinfection cabinet reference price: ¥ 999 product 6, style 900L double door dry towel disinfection cabinet reference Price: ¥2080

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