Three Ways to Clean a Lightweight Flatbed Trailer

Three ways to clean lightweight, low-profile trailers Light-weight semi-trailers have played a big role in the transportation of our production and life. However, as long as the semi-trailers have been running for a long time, the inside of the vehicle becomes very dirty and needs cleaning. How to clean the semi-trailer? To address this issue, Xiao Bian summed up three ways to tell everyone. First, use wax to wash the washing liquid of the semi-trailer head washing water, although common, but we pay more attention to semi-trailer exterior paint care. Because of the increased quantity and variety of car waxes during the water wash process, the car will have a brighter luster. Water-washing surfactants are common cleanser ingredients that do not harm the body. Second, to avoid scratching the car it is best to avoid scratch cleaning fluid contains cleansing cream ingredients, but also rich in water, Xu Tong Trailer Plant in particular to eliminate the need for static electricity composition, demand is particularly pointed out that it uses other areas of scientific and technological achievements, The concept is a sediment suspension. Due to the use of sludge suspending agents and sediments, the natural conditions under external forces make the car wash without scratches. In the actual situation, this is the best way. Third, the use of detergents and detergents washing detergent detergent composition cleaning sulfonic acid sulfonic acid, long-term effects of the paint, easy to paint white, lose their original luster. General detergent is also a basic product, detergent is neutral, but long-term use will hurt the hand, so we use detergent and washing machine is semi-trailer head is not good.
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After reading the light semi-trailer cleaning methods, we should help everyone solve many problems. However, in fact, the performance of all aspects of the semi-trailer is in line with the standard, and daily maintenance is also inseparable. 1, the first step to see the tires: visually no gas, debris attached to the phenomenon, and see whether the steel ring deformation, cracks and other phenomena. 2, then check the tightness of the tire screws: this detail we can not bother, we should check each one screw is tight, run half a screw is a trivial matter, run lost a tire is money can be solved, but if Running out of the accident was a remorse. To use a sentence is "tire no problem," we hope you remember. 3, the suspension system on the line: See all the nuts and bolts, U-bolt elastic situation, which is related to whether to eat the tire. 4, shake the leg to ensure the normal: the leg inspection must be shaken down and fell to try a few, then look at the welding place for cracks, especially the riders who are now running and hanging, we must pay attention to this issue. 5, touch the wear and tear of moving parts: hand touch the box board hinges, box hooks, inserted piles, container locks and other small parts to see if there is no crack off phenomenon. 6, check all the lamps and paste the anti-cursor: Check the electrical circuit, take a look at the touch is not normal on the line, the lights on the car to see if there are no lights, reflective signs are missing, I believe there must be card friends on the road due to reflective logo The defect was punished. 7, cab dashboard: After starting the car to see the barometer is not enough, then give the brakes a brake to see. 8, listen to the brakes have not leaked: get off to hear there is no leaking sound, test the brakes so good.
Heavy-duty, low-profile semitrailers are used for trailers loaded with very large and oversized cargo. The basic form of heavy-duty trailers is a single flatbed trailer. It generally has the following structure. The frame and the axle shaft are mostly two-axis collinear, that is, there are two axle shafts on one axis, which are also called two-axis columns. The common single plate trailer has 2-7 axes. One axle has 4 tires, and there are 8 tires in one axis. So the width of the whole car can reach more than 3 meters. In order to reduce the overall vehicle center of gravity, Xutong Trailer Factory is generally equipped with steel wire radial wide tires with small diameter and large load capacity (see car tires). Each tire can withstand 4 tons of load under low-speed operation conditions. The frame adopts welded structure of high strength alloy steel box section. Usually a 5-axis, two-axis single plate trailer can carry more than 100 tons. Three-line, six-axis low plate, two-wire four-axle, four-wire eight-axis, hydraulic steering lift axis car, one-line double-axis, multi-axis heavy-duty low-profile, multi-spindle heavy-duty low-profile semi-trailer, using 8.25-16 tires, using hydraulic goose With the neck structure, the height of the loading platform can be automatically raised and lowered, the length of the cargo platform can be arbitrarily stitched, the hydraulic automatic steering is adopted, and the hydraulic system of the hydraulic pump station is provided. Now we need to introduce technology. Three Ways to Clean a Lightweight Flatbed Trailer

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