Warm decoration of the winter bathroom

Suddenly cool weather, cold winter approach, bathing also needs courage! Year-round humid environment, cold faucet shower, chilled bathroom stainless steel ware, etc. in the cold winter especially look cold and cold. Today, Xiaobian explains the warm equation of the winter bathroom for everyone to warm up the winter bathroom!

Overall temperature rise--

Spatial layout + overall matching + detail insulation = overall heating

Falling winter and winter, the warm home suddenly fell a few degrees, and the bathroom that was originally "high cold" was hard to hold. In fact, the warmth of the bathroom can be started from the aspects of layout, matching, overall color and so on.

In general, in order to make the bathroom more practical and comfortable, the space planning before the decoration is very important, and the window orientation and water level layout should be planned. Tiles are also recommended to use less polished materials to avoid too cold in autumn and winter. In terms of area, the bathroom should not be too large, otherwise the bath in the winter, the heating equipment is easy to dissipate in the large space, and the temperature is lowered.

In terms of color tone, the overall color of the bathroom is mainly black, white, gray and other colors. The color of the shower curtain, curtains and other large color blocks can be changed to orange, red and other warm colors.

In the overall details, we must also pay attention to ensure that the bathroom doors and windows do not leak, otherwise it is prone to air leakage, resulting in a more cold bathroom. Therefore, it is important to check the rubberizing condition of the sealing strip during the decoration. It is best to use double-layer glass to ensure that there is no cold air in the room when the doors and windows are closed.

Warming up three "guarantee" --

Smart Bathroom + Yuba + Blanket Soft Pack = Enthusiastic Bathroom

The overall layout is good, and it is also necessary to have a warm and warm product as an important element of the warming equation.

Element 1: Intimate heating smart toilet + thermostatic faucet

In the big winter, I still have a close contact with the cold toilet. I can’t do it. The bathroom encyclopedia vomiting blood recommended smart toilet, not only has a heated toilet seat to warm your butt, but also warm water body scrub, more warm air to keep warm... autumn and winter warmest intimate toilet artifact, in addition to have a constant temperature The smart faucet makes it easy for people to wash their hands 24 hours a day.

Element 2: Heat exposed exposed Yuba + steam room

In order to solve the human problem of bathing in the winter, the great designer created the “Bathmaster” to provide a warm and comfortable bath temperature for the chilly friends. Open the bath before bathing, the temperature of the whole bathroom can be raised to more than 20 degrees, just like the summer bath is as refreshing and comfortable. You can also choose the steam room to let the whole body have a summer spa.

Element 3: blanket warm soft

In addition to the main elements of the first two steps of warmth, a woolen cushion is placed on the toilet lid, and the necessary towels are replaced with thick ones. A furry carpet is placed at the door. This kind of bathroom is not much colder than the bedroom.

Be wary of bad autumn and winter "bath things" health bath has good tricks

Do not bathe frequently. It will wash away the oil secreted on the surface of the skin and the protective flora that normally parasitizes the surface of the skin. It will easily damage the stratum corneum of the skin, causing itching of the skin, and the resistance of the skin will be weakened, but it will be easy to get sick.

Do not bathe for a long time Bathing time is too long to dehydrate, people are prone to fatigue, but also easily lead to heart ischemia, hypoxia, resulting in coronary artery spasm, thrombosis, and even induced severe arrhythmia and sudden death. Bath for 20 minutes and shower for 3 to 5 minutes.

Do not overheat the water, which will damage the oil on the surface of the skin, causing the capillaries to dilate and increase the degree of dryness of the skin. At the same time, it will increase the burden on the heart, especially those with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease and hypertension.

Do not take a bath immediately after a meal, it will hinder the digestion and absorption of food, causing gastrointestinal diseases.

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