Open kitchen is good? Choose open kitchen precautions

Nowadays, home decoration, more and more friends choose open kitchens , especially young people, and they are more fond of this fashion decoration. However, the evaluation of the open kitchen is also good and bad. In the end, how about it? Let’s see how the decoration home decoration network is written!


Advantages of an open kitchen:

1. The open kitchen is beautiful and generous. After connecting the kitchen and dining room space, the kitchen space is no longer narrow and crowded, and the overall space of the home has become very open and bright.

2, the open kitchen allows the entire home space to have overall connectivity, making the home look more warm. When cooking in the summer, the air conditioning in the dining room and living room can also help to improve the temperature in the kitchen. Cooking is no longer a difficult thing.

Disadvantages of open kitchens:

1. Open kitchen design, the fumes during cooking are very easy to spread to other spaces in the home. For a long time, furniture, floors and walls are easily eroded by oil smoke.

2, the cleanliness of the kitchen will directly affect the overall vision of the entire home, in the home design, the uniformity of the kitchen and the overall space also has very high requirements.


Note on choosing an open kitchen:

1, the choice of hood

In order to reduce the impact of soot on the furniture, the power of the range hood selected by the kitchen must be large enough and the suction force should be strong enough. According to the way of oil absorption, the range hood is divided into three types: top suction type, side suction type and lower suction type. The top suction type range hood is easy to cause the soot to spread. The side suction type range hood has a better effect of sucking smoke, but since the side suction type range hood is relatively close to the gas stove, it will have some influence on the size of the fire to some extent. The suction-type range hood has the best effect, but the price of this type of range hood is relatively high.

2, the choice of cookware

For cookware used in open kitchens, try to choose a style that does not produce soot. Pots must also purchase a brand-name smokeless pot with guaranteed quality. When cooking, choose kitchen appliances such as microwave ovens and ovens that are not easy to produce soot to heat up and minimize the use of woks.

3. Adjustment of diet

Chinese cooking, frying and other cooking forms are prone to produce a large amount of soot. Therefore, in daily diet, you can try boiled, cold-boiled, steamed and other cooking forms that are not easy to produce soot. When cooking, try to put less Oil is not only for reducing soot, but also for our health.

4, daily cleaning

From our own point of view, we often have to open the windows of our homes and develop a good habit of cleaning the kitchen regularly. After the meal, wipe the hood, stove, etc., and the hood should be cleaned more thoroughly to prevent the accumulation of grease.

Regarding the open kitchen , I believe that I have read the introduction of the decoration home decoration network, and everyone has their own ideas. If you still have doubts about the open kitchen, you are welcome to pay attention to our decoration encyclopedia section, more open kitchen knowledge for you!

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