Understand the three essential points of 3G surveillance mobile phone

[ Pacific Security Network News ] It is understood that the current 3G industry is developing at a relatively fast pace, gradually moving from mobile phones to monitoring, it can handle image, music, video streaming and other media formats, including web browsing, conference calls, A variety of information services such as e-commerce.
On January 20, 2006, the third-generation mobile communication (3G) Chinese standard TD-SCDMA became the standard of China's communication industry. TD-SCDMA has long been called the "Chinese standard" of 3G, and WCDMA and CDMA2000 are proposed by Europe and the United States respectively. China's WCDMA and CDMA2000 are also listed as communication industry standards, which means that our government is fulfilling its "technical neutrality" commitment to provide a more open and fully competitive market for various communication technologies.
Unlike traditional IP surveillance, 3G surveillance not only provides access to the Internet, but also provides a more creative way to monitor 3G video telephony channels. In this way, you can use ordinary 3G mobile phones, no need to install software, just dial a video call, the camera's real-time monitoring video is immediately present, making monitoring very simple. The biggest advantage of 3G monitoring is that the user is always online. Once there is an alarm, the camera will automatically call back the set 3G mobile phone number. You only need to press one answer button, and you can see everything in any situation. With the audio channel of the video phone, 3G monitoring can also realize the function of on-site monitoring, which makes it easier for you to understand the situation at the monitoring site.
To achieve mobile video surveillance, mobile phones need to have the following three basic conditions:
There is a certain network bandwidth. Because the effective bandwidth of a single terminal of a public mobile communication network is quite limited, it is often necessary to carry voice, data, and other transmission services at the same time. Even if the current 3G network is used to transmit CIF images, a base station cannot exceed 3 monitoring points, and the characteristic of wireless broadband is the uncertainty of bandwidth during transmission. At present, the speed of 3G network can reach 1 trillion, and the speed is tens. Bytes, so it can only be used as a secondary transmission.
The ability of the mobile phone processor is strong enough to complete the development of video decoding mobile Internet, which directly drives the mobile phone industry to develop in the direction of intelligence and integration. Mobile phone products are also changing with each passing day, and the functions are becoming more and more diverse. As the competition in the mobile phone market continues to focus on intelligence and 3G, the competition among major manufacturers is more intense than before, and new technologies are emerging. The capabilities of mobile phone processors continue to increase.
Mobile phone manufacturers provide development platforms that are more mature than 3G services. The domestic 3G wireless video surveillance service functions are also very thin. Although in 3G wireless video surveillance, mobile terminals are no longer just browsing tools, but a platform for more control and operation. However, as far as the current situation is concerned, video browsing is still the most used function due to the lack of processing power and system maturity.
Japan and Hong Kong are regions that introduced 3G earlier. They have rich and innovative applications for 3G networks, such as high-definition video, traffic monitoring, real-time navigation, online shopping, online games, mobile wallets, online video playback, and television. Live broadcast, etc. Through the enrichment of business functions, it has expanded the choice of mobile phone users, and indirectly attracted users' interest in 3G services, which helps to develop potential needs.
At present, although 3G has begun to be applied to wireless video surveillance, there are still some problems when transmitting video streams with a large amount of data. The most important one is the bandwidth problem. The data transmission speed of 3G network is far less than that claimed in the advertisement. 2Mbps, its actual transmission speed is only about 0.4Mbps, and when the network is busy, even one-third of this speed may not be achieved. This condition is only sufficient to transmit high quality audio, and it is difficult to transmit high quality video. We expect the 3G network of mobile operators to be laid, the innovation of technology to make the mobile phone video surveillance use threshold lower, and the cost performance gradually increase, which will make the 3G monitoring market have a big turn.

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