Rutile Titanium Dioxide R216 Primer Paint Exterior and Road Marking Paint

Model NO.: R216
Trademark: YUEJIANG
Origin: Shanghai China
HS Code: 3206111000
YUEJIANG Titanium Dioxide R216 is an inorganic and organic surface treated rutile titanium dioxide pigment, It combines excellent properties such as good whiteness, high gloss and tinting strength, high durability and ease of dispersion.

Yuejiang Brand -R216 Titanium Dioxide is General Purpose Titanium Dioxide, suitable for high-grade indoor coatings, high solid-content paint, powder coating, road sign paint, special paint for ships and printing ink. Also used in plastics plastics(PVC, PE, polystyrene and polyurethane etc. ), rubber, paper making and leather industries etc.

Applications: Widely used in exterior coating, emulsion paints, powder coatings, print ink and paper, plastic, leather etc.

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