No battery can be implanted under human skin to achieve long-distance monitoring

For many years, the judiciary used an ankle chain to monitor the activities of criminals. At present, scientists have newly developed a battery-less subcutaneous implant monitor that can realize long-range wireless information transmission.

The device can be walked by people, or the pulsation of blood vessels provides kinetic energy, so it never stops working unless the user dies.

According to the British Daily Mail report, scientists recently developed a monitoring device that does not require a battery. It can be implanted under human skin to achieve long-distance wireless transmission.

Researchers working on nanomechanical devices can implant the device under the skin of a patient's arm and can then be transmitted to physicians several kilometers away for diagnosis. This kind of skin implant monitoring device can provide kinetic energy by people walking or even pulsating blood vessels, so people need not worry that the device will stop working unless the user dies.

This technology can also be used for small aircraft additional closed-circuit camera heads, and the flight process of the aircraft will provide the monitoring device with kinetic energy. Such devices can also be used to find patients in hospitals, or for follow-up testing. At present, scientists are more interested in military and criminal justice systems and are expected to achieve new ways of monitoring criminals.

Wang Zhonglin from the Georgia Tech University in the United States published a detailed report of the study in the Nano Express. He wrote: "It is entirely possible to purify the environment with mild air, vibration, ultrasound, solar energy, chemical substances, or thermal energy. Energy to drive this miniature monitoring device."

The device contains a nanogenerator that generates electrical energy from vibration or movement, a generator that stores energy, and a Bluetooth transmitter that can receive signals. It is said that it can achieve a wireless signal transmission distance of more than 10 meters.

Earlier this year, Wang Zhonglin and colleagues in the research team successfully developed the world's first "living nano-generator", which took six years to develop. Experiments have shown that this living nano-generator can drive light-emitting diodes or liquid crystal displays. At the time, he pointed out that this was a milestone in the production of portable electronic devices! It can be driven by body movement without batteries and power. The nano-generator we developed aims to change people's future life. Their application is only limited by people's imagination!

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